Bridging the Gap
in industrial flooring.

PIP is a unique company dedicated to provide turn-key
flooring solutions for today's industrial marketplace.

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Aviation / Aerospace
Floor Systems

HangarSpec Systems are developed to withstand
even the highest degree of aviation-related wear and tear

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Static-Control Data Room
Floor Systems

Anti static flooring makes a big difference when
it comes to the safety and performance of a data center.

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Crafting a Better
Brewery Floor

Urethane cements and epoxy flooring systems
are ideal materials for brewery floors.

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Antimicrobial Floor
& Wall Systems

Keeping your floors and walls sanitary
and free of health risks is essential

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Flooring Systems

A full range of ESD coatings designed to
meet and exceed the current performance standards

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Antimicrobial Floor & Wall Systems


ESD-Control Flooring System


Ignition-Control Flooring Systems


Aviation Floor Coating Systems


Healthcare Floor & Wall Systems


Vinyl Ester Coating & Containment Systems


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About PIP

Protective Industrial Polymers is a unique company devoted to providing turn-key flooring solutions for today’s industrial marketplace. From initial project consultation to product manufacture to superb installation support, you can be assured Protective Industrial Polymers will provide the highest level of expertise with each project.

PIP offers a robust polymer flooring product range designed to meet the most stringent demands of various industries. These products, combined with years of R & D knowledge, consulting and contracting experience, are the cornerstone of what PIP brings to the table everyday – on every project.

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