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When it comes to polymer flooring, it’s all about performance. After all, this is the foundation of your return of investment (ROI). It will help you to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for guests and your sales team. Your automotive floor should drive itself to helping you maximize ROI. But keep in mind that not every area within your facility has the same performance requirements. One size does not fit all in this scenario.

For example, polymer floor coating performance characteristics differ from one technology to another. Epoxies are traditionally good workhorse coatings and offer build thickness and impact resistance. Urethane coatings offer enhanced chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. While combing both technologies is usually recommended, you want to make sure it’s all meeting that flooring area’s needs.

In any service environment, there can be many specialized areas. These floor areas require specific flooring performance requirements for each function. For example, the following chart will show you how each area has a unique requirement:

automotive floor requirements

Grande Truck Center Learned What Drove the Foundation of Its ROI

Grande Truck Center needed help with its concrete floors because they were just too worn. The company wanted an aesthetically-pleasing look and feel, while including protection from oil.

The 40-year old flooring was never coated, so it wasn’t a surprise that the company needed a new automotive floor designed for their unique needs. The old floor was oily, pitted and dingy. After learning about each area’s specific needs, the company installed a new floor that became the foundation of its ROI. The new floor is tough, oil-resistant, slip-resistant and aesthetically-pleasing. Safety has been enhanced because there are no more cracks and craters.

If this sounds like you, download the DealerSpec Flooring Guide to learn more about how to install the right flooring for your facility. This guide will provide you with the information needed to make an informed business decision to help maximize your ROI potential.

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