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Protect 0075

Epoxy Coating System
Protect 0075 is a two-component, (epoxide resin and amino resin) 100% solids, epoxide resin coating system designed for use as a clear top coat for decorative aggregate flake or quartz broadcast systems. Protect 0075 is formulated with near colorless components a very clear and near colorless coating compared to standard epoxy resin coatings. Protect 0075 is extremely low yellowing and exhibits excellent blush resistance. This product can be tinted on site via the use of Protect CPU color pack which results in a solid color UV resistant epoxy finish coat.

Protect PIP 140 Silica Sand

PIP 140 Silica Sand
Protect PIP 140 Silica Sand is a dry, sieved and sized silica sand. It may be used in conjunction with PIP polymer flooring products as filler for slurry, broadcast, and trowel systems.

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