Warehouse Line Marking & Traffic Line Systems

When instituting a 5S initiative or organizing your production and assembly areas, paint markings are crucial. Simple traffic paint can peel or be easily worn out by foot, cart and forklift traffic. Protective Industrial Polymers offers high-build epoxy traffic line products that provide a permanent, durable solution that will out-perform standard traffic paint.

Available in standard safety and custom colors, traffic line epoxy provides a hard, durable gloss finish that exhibits excellent impact and abrasion resistance.  Standard traffic paint can quickly wear-off, but traffic line epoxy is long life.

We will work closely with our contractor partners to specify and install your warehouse line marking and traffic line requirements within your new polymer floor.


Protect TL-Epoxy

Traffic Line Epoxy
Protect TL-Epoxy is a two-component, high-build, pigmented epoxy “Traffic Line” marking. Protect TL-Epoxy provides a permanent, high-build safety traffic line that will outwear standard paint. This product produces a very durable gloss finish.

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Technical Data Sheet

SDS-A (Yellow)       

SDS-A (White)