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With holiday shutdown around the corner, it’s important to evaluate the condition of your flooring system. After all, you walk, drive, manufacture, prototype, package, ship, repair, store and have meetings on this floor. That’s why you cannot afford to negate it during this time.

Each area of your production facility can have special requirements. It just depends on your business objective and your floor’s role. Here are some example business objectives:

holiday shutdown and business objectives

Since there are many factors that go into a flooring system, we want to make sure you’re prepared by going through each of them within the various phases of your renovation project. We’ll go through your chemical storage, boundary markings, frequently cleaned areas, ESD issues and more. And since there are many phases within a project, we want to help you manage them and avoid any unnecessary strain on your facility. We’ll break it down by going through the following project phases with you:

  • Manufacturer’s Consultation
  • Floor System Specification
  • Labor and Materials Proposal
  • Proposal Review
  • Scheduling
  • Installation
  • Punch-list and Close-out
  • Warranty

We’ll also match you up with an experienced industrial flooring contractor to assess all your spaces of your industrial facility. Not only will this contractor listen to your wants, but the company will help you to determine those areas that really need attention.

Most importantly, we’ll work with you to establish a schedule so that each phase within the project gets completed in time. We’ll help handle those minute-by-minute details by making sure materials are onsite, installation is in progress and deadlines are being met.

A holiday shutdown can be a very complex process, and it’s something that you’ll need help completing. It relies heavily on the efforts of good engineering, maintenance, purchasing and more. A tight execution of all the tasks will bring your facility great success once the flooring is properly installed to meet and exceed expectations. For more information, download our Holiday Shutdown Guide.

Sean Walsh

Marketing & Product Development Manager at Protective Industrial Polymers
Sean Walsh is the Marketing & Product Development Manager of Protective Industrial Polymers, a company that manufactures high-performance resinous floor coatings for industrial manufacturing environments, which has a keen focus on developing unique solutions for managing electrostatic, microbial, chemical, explosion and safety risk concerns. He has over 15 years of marketing and sales support experience in the protective coatings industry. Prior to that, Sean worked in the construction industry, specializing in contract and project management for commercial and industrial floor and roof projects. Sean enjoys working closely with PIP’s sales and management group to develop and market new flooring products and systems to address end-user’s unique requirements. You can follow Sean on LinkedIn, email him at, or contact Protective
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